Monday, March 3, 2014

Of llamas, slugs, and chicken feet

this week:
not too much has been going on. still no major carnaval disasters but most middle schoolers shy away when i give them a stern look.  
weve been teaching the muenala family (mom dad and 4 kids) and the mom and daughters are pure gold and already know its all true and have given up everything that even remotely crosses the line (coffee, shoping on sunday, being a "dama" in a quinceƱera which include having to go to a catholic mass) they also denied some jehovas witnesses that had been stopping by, so that was pretty cool. (they have been invading on our territory recently) the dad and brother however like to drink and play volleyball deep into the night, but came to a ward activity and had a good time. so were trying to work with them so they can all get baptized the 22nd.

saturday we went up this mountain to help some members harvest potatoes and blueberries. before we went up we hung out at their house and i learned how to weave belts, and i hung out with a llama that got mad and tried to bite me. 

once we went up to this sweet hut they have, the kids found a slug and ate it.

  they also gave us lunch which consisted of: FIFTEEN cooked potatoes, a chicken foot, some other mystery meat and tomatoes. its a pretty normal dish and i dont mind it too much, but after the eighth potatoe i kind of wanted to puke. we said we had to leave really fast and took the potatoes to go. this hut place is up a pretty steep mountain which is only accesible by foot on steep dirt trails. on the way down, the dust (after 3 hours of rain) had turned to mud and thus became a slip and slide. i fell a few times and my companion found it quite hillarious. but thats a pretty normal day here in otavalo.

thats pretty much it! 
enjoy the bipolar weather!
hermana harlos