Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Eagle has landed

Kendra was really excited as she left this morning for the new Mexico City MTC (missionary training center).  It was recently converted from a church owned boarding school to accommodate the huge influx of new missionaries.  Here's her first email.  - Linda

i made it to mexico safe and sound! my flights went great! i sat next to a girl and her family that i knew from middle school on the way to atlanta...of course. got a little motion sickness as we were ariving in mexico city, but i felt better after we landed. once i got off the airplane and through customs i was greeted by nice mexican brother with an mtc sign. more and more of the brothers showed up and eventually it was me and like 10 old mexican guys having a blast. they all complimented me on my spanish. they all kind of reminded me of daddy. apparently i was supposed to meet up with a bunch of other missionaries but there was a flight with like 30 of them that didnt make it so they sent me alone in a 15 passenger van. we got to the temple grounds (i didnt take an pictures of it but we go every p-day) and they had two school busses waiting. as i got out of the van i looked to the left and there was a bus full of elders, and on the right there was an empty bus. the main brother asked me which bus i wanted to be on. i said you know which bus i want to be on, what do you think?? he started laughing and sent me on the bus. like 20 elders and i was the only sister. (it turns out the other bus was just for our stuff) all the elders heard me talking in spanish with the brothers and i already had my name tag so as soon as I got on the bus they were like....so how long have you worked at the mtc for.....i was like i just flew in today...they were amazed at my spanish too. i thought i was in heaven at first and then they started talking and i realized they were a bunch of dopes. then when we checked in i met up with one other sister who had arrived earlier and we went to our house. they have the elders in dorms but were in these adorable little pastel colored houses with a living room, kitchen, laundry room, 5 bedrooms with a bathroom each and individual closets. its kind of a cross between a hostel, a house and a dorm. but i love it! we're the first sisters to move in so we got new blankets!!! they're really soft so i'm pretty excited about that. theres one hang up though.... we dont have any hangers. (haha get it?) i think we might get some tomorrow (i hope) anyways this first sister who lives in my house is super nice and shes going to washington state. shes from pittsburg and reminds me of luna lovegood from harry potter. anyways im having a blast so far and cant wait to see what the rest of the week has in store for me! im glad i got sent here because they seem to be more chill (since were only the third group of missionaries). also theyre hispanic. way better than utah. were going to dinner pretty soon.  I LOVE YOU GUYS HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!!!!

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