Monday, September 16, 2013

Photos in of Kendra coming ashore

getting our assignments from the mission President...herMAMA Garcia

On the equator with Hermana Garcia

This ones gonna be a little shorter. basically this week has been really good. we had one family show up to church and they are super stoked about it. and im super stoked for them. two months ago today i was on a plane to the mtc, and its crazy how fast time has flown. my spanish, my testimony, my famers/clarks tan, my hairs blonder, im pretty sure im fatter (but nobody knows for sure) and now i can eat 3 mamaitas in a row and not puke.

typical restraunt food. i wasnt expecting the whole fish. it also cost 3 dollars

a sign for cuy (fried gineau pig on a stick, very popular, not yet tried it)

I cant wait to see what the next 16 months has in store. 
One funny story this week was that one of the members sells empanadas and food on the side of the road in front of their house. we went to go stop by and eat some food, and two policemen roll up to eat as well. so were all eating at this picnic table and the two guys are pretty young and obviously interested in us. so they leave and we start going to knock doors on the same street. the show up in their car (obviously looking for us) and start asking us if we can have boyfriends, how old we are, etc. we tell them no, but the girl i was with (we were on splits) is a little trunky and only has two months left so the one guy gave her his number and that was interesting. first time ive gotten hit on by an ecuadorian policeman. 

Then today we went and saw some sweet (and probably fake) ruins 

 part of our zone at the templo de sol

 a very dusty view from the ruins (it was quite a hike)

and then ate at a chinese buffet in ecaudor called toronto. it was canada themed.....why there is a canadian themed chinese bufffet in ecuador i dont really know. but it was delicioussss. 

im also gong to send picture today!! yay!!!!

puppies and girls, such joy

Ariels baptism (although he has yet to be confirmed) 
the little kids in our alley LOVE stickers and candy. alot. and white people, and funny faces
A family we ate with. the son (second to the left) just got back from his mission last month.
he reminds me alot of kyle.  They're a cool family.

 Another fluffy pile of love at a members house and their family. the littlest girl is my spirit animal.
The second we got in the house she grabbed my hand and pulled me upstairs to show me her very pink room. 
They had an old school nintendo so we played the original mario brothers. it was a good time.

Thats all for now. LOVE YOU GUYS see  you in 16 months!

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