Monday, December 16, 2013

Feliz Navidad!

This week was pretty nuts. we had divisions with the hermana leaders on wednesday, then on thursday after district meeting we had to go back to quito AGAIN so the family could finish up their paper work. they have officially set their wedding date for the 23rd and we've invited the ward to come support them. 
the oña family after stalin (finally) got the preisthood

friday was the christmas dinner which was soo much fun. we met as a zone in the morning to practice for our required special musical number and had to be at the chapel close to the presidents house by 4. we played white elephant, sang christmas carols, watched videos about the nativity, had a mission slide show and ate medicore american food prepared by the presidents wife and other senior sisters. 
Merry Christmas from the zone!

Hermana Muir and I
Me and my companion, Hermana Lopez

i got a little whistle thing thats acutally a magnet from hermana muir and president gave us all study journals with our names on them (pictures next week) i also FINALLY got the covers for my scriptures, hymnal and preach my gospel. 

With the Mission President and his wife

we got done super late and went to sleep with the nurse (hermana berrett) because they have like 15 bunkbeds in their house (they call it the hotel) ... we had to wake up at 5am on saturday to leave from quito to get back to our chapel because we had "the day as a missionary" with the youth that started at 7am.
"The day as a missionary"youth activity 

it was pretty fun but made me realize how hard it is to train. we also had a nice heated discussion in the street with a jehovas witness (they are always looking to bible bash) and one of the youth just shut up down. it was pretty funny. i hope i didnt destroy their desires to serve a mission too much. i was sooo tired and slept so well that night. i also got a nice sunburn (again) yesterday and today were normal though. 

i got a package from kaylee! (thanks bud) so thats her shoutout. im working on another round of letters and packages to get sent in the next few weeks. we have to travel an hour and half to the nearest post office that i know of. we made the brownies today and they ended up alright. being so high up and in such dry climate definitely changes the consistency. it was still fun though. we have our p-day changed to tuesday so dont be worried when you dont here from me on monday. ill get on like 20 minutes early to write (so about 3:30) so we can work out technical problems then for the christmas eve skype call home.
miss yall!

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