Tuesday, October 15, 2013

If Spanish is too easy, try Kichua

the book of mormon cover in Kichua (and yours truly)
This week: well, the most interesting day this week was definitely Friday.
on the way back from a two zone training conference in iñaquito a few things happened
first: we got in a minor bus accident. nobody got hurt and only the missionaries seemed to notice. there was a little bit of broken glass but we were on our way in no time
second: one of the other sisters took the bus right before us, and by the time we got to the bus station she had gotten robbed. bummerr
third: later that night we were hanging out in our convert ana´s food shack thing. some crazy lady came up and started to throw food and spoons and embers at ana to try to distract her so the crazy lady could steal food. well little did the crazy lady know, but ana is super hood and fights like nobodies business. in about 5 seconds she had they crazy lady on the ground in somewhat of a defensive hold and the whole town came out to watch. the member who gave us the reference for her family was standing by eating a hot dog and yelling like we were on jerry springer. it was a pretty good day. 
today i hung out with the family from esmeraldas and they taught us to make empanadas de verde de queso and morrocho. theyre pretty sweet. 

hanging out in the kitchen of ana maria

my first empanada!
what else.....this week hasnt been too exciting otherwise. we found a cool family who kind of reminds me of the rassmusens. but they arent married and they work on sunday...so i wouldnt be expecting a baptism any time soon. the computers are really slow for pictures so im dedicating more time for pictures than words (my words dont really make sense anymore)

other developments this week
i started sleep talking in spanish...well sleep yelling, but whats the difference?

i also started to learn kichua. 
the phrases im learning this week..in kichua

hermana lopez served in otavalo for 8 months and has a book of mormon in kichua and a few hymns. its a sick language and makes absolutely no sense to me right now. 

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