Saturday, October 26, 2013

Three month mark

This week:
not too many exciting things....its been raining more and more every day. some days its way cold and wet and i dont like the weather...but some days its totally sunny. i have a pretty nice farmers tan now a days...and im not in the most sunny sector. my hair is also getting blonder...i hit 3 months last im 1/6th of the way done with my mission.. its gone by so fast. i also finished reading the book of mormon which i started when we got here to ecuador...a month and a half isnt too bad i guess. i dont know if i said this already but i started sleep talking in spanish..and lately ive been forgetting alot of words in english. adjusting back after a year and half will be tough.... i think. 

We have a really cool family that were teaching right now. the 9 year old has read all of the pamphlets and answered all of the questions with out us even asking. she also is already in chapter 10 of first nephi....shes so smart and LOVES when we come to teach. 

Today we went to a place called mindo. its about an hour and half or two hours away (although its still in my sector) and it was AWESOME. first you take this thing thats a mix of a cable car and a canopy tour across a big valley and then you hike and hike and hike and theres a bunch of waterfalls. being the rebel i am i went and stood under one of the little baby waterfalls and got totally soaked (and later really really cold) but it was so fun! my zone is really cool. then we went and ate at one of our favorite seafood restraunts.  the pictures are way better than my words but this computer place is so slow and were out of time so ill send the rest next week! 

love you bye!

also i forgot if i said this already but if anyone at church is asking what to send me tell them dry bags of brownie batter! 

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