Monday, August 26, 2013

Kendra to make Ecuadorian landfall tomorrow

WELL. this is my last email from the MTC forever! im heading out tomorrow morning bright and early at 5 am to go to ecuador.

IM SO EXCITED but i can't even begin to describe how much i am going to miss it here. Although at times its a little bit of a struggle here, i have had the best time. So far this week we have had 2 earthquakes (they are pretty frequent here), and one widespread account of "stomach problems" due to a mystery food on tuesday night. about halft the mtc was up at 2am to take multiple visits to the restroom. It was just funny how it hit everyone at the same time. 
On friday we had all day "in-field orientation" which seemed to last FOREVER. we had classes like key indicators, finding, and stuff like that. Saturday we had our final day of real class. our teachers had a slideshow about their lives and missions and then we had a q&a session with them about various things in the field.
our teachers, hermano robinson and hermana rivera. we are trying to set them up for eternal love

Our district

Then in the afternoon hermana rivera had us all teach her together as a district about enduring to the end. We kind of did something like this our first day here and it was a TRAINWRECK. but after 6 weeks here to bond and learn it was such a great lesson. we were all able to build off of each other, use correct spanish grammar, find the scriptures we needed to and follow the spirit. 
We had a testimony meeting right after that with our two districts leaving this week and it was insane. tears for days. Alot of the kids here actually come from divorced families or tough situations. It makes me so thankful to have the family that we do. I don't really feel like i have too much to worry about and i know it could be so much harder. Then our teachers bore their testimonies and i think they are going to be some of the hardest people to leave here. then On sunda i taught sunday school. The theme was the commandments and i was thinking for so long about how i could make this last lesson memorable. So i decided to take a twist on the sandwhich instruction activity. I had everyone in the class write down instructions of how to put on make up. then on one side of my face i followed the boys instructions and then on the other side i followed the girls instructions. The pictures will show you exactly how it went. Apparently it was a pretty good lesson. 

Then after sacrament our branch president gave all of us who were leaving these way cool hand painted bookmarks made out of tree bark. Hes the little mexican man in the group pictures (obviously) 
he's such a cool guy
the two leaving districts and presidents machado and avila

and its cool to know that we started branch 12 in the mexico mtc. brand spankin new. and we were the first sister trainers too. pretty crazy. then it was a pretty normal afternoon until we watched the testament (i think theres only one main one) anyways after we watched it everyone was tearing up a little bit and then i just lost it in the middle of the auditorium. A large portion of our district left this morning way early so this was the last time we were all going to be together. i was sobbing like a baby. that happens alot here, but it was especially bad last night. Its crazy how close you can get to people even though you ve only known them for such a short time. 

a good bunch of the sisters that are leaving, after singing god be with you till we meet again last night

Im really worried for what its going to be like when i have to leave the mission if this is what its like leaving the mtc. its about2pm right now and my companion is leaving for chile in 2 hours. and in 15 hours ill be on my way to the airport! so crazy to think about. im ready to go, but its still tough to leave. especially when you have seen a place like this grow from the very beginning. the comparisons are unreal. hopefully they wont find any more cockroaches in the beans.

the hermanas one week younger than us

Now onto real life topics:  There are actually two guys from west point. there names are mike duff and joseph miller. i fly out tomorrow at 8 and get to bogota around 12. then i have an hour or two layover and leave for ecuador around 2. luckly both colombia and ecuador are in the same time zone as yall so just be ready between 12 and 3. The other thing though is there is some debate as to whether we are allowed to call or not. 
 thats really cool that they are larenzos family, but that doesnt surpise me too much. theres so many degraffenreids in chapel hill. there were probably 10 each year in my grade at school.  im mentally preparing myself for the struggles that are coming my way. 
Also, if you ever wanna send pictures of various neighborhood or church people ill gladly accept them. i have a few pictures, but new ones are always fun. im glad you were able to deposit my check and glad that our family continues to forge signatures on a regular basis. its always good to know that those are the values we are based on. 

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