Tuesday, August 20, 2013


In one week i will be on my way to ecuador. its crazy how time flies when your always studying...(i guess mtc jokes arent that funny when your not sleep and/or real life deprived). WELL this week has been pretty fun so far. our teaching is going alot better as we learn more about following the spirit, planning, and studying better. Im super stoked to be out in the field soon, but im definitely going to miss this place. Today we went to the temple and just got back after 6 hours....they haven't really got the whole bus driving/session schedule figured out yet. 

Yesterday was one of our elders birthdays in our district, but found out his grandma died yesterday morning so he was super bummed. thankfully i had already arranged to get a cake from the comedor (for only 150 pesos!) to surprise him. Sometimes life can be a real bummer, but he's doing alot better and is sticking with it. 

Our birthday party for elder gilmore (hes the one with half a face above the girl on the bottom right and hes cutting the cake) as you can see  i have a pretty weird district, but i wouldnt trade them for the world

The second generation left, as well as another group of hispanics. (pictures below). im prettty sure i like them more than most of the americans. 

OH i met a girl from cary who went to athens drive high school and guess whos her dentist....you guessed it, Dr. Bass! i almost screamed in the middle of the comedor when someone introduced us.
hnmmm...what else. i dont remember the elder from west points name, but ill try and figure it out. he left yesterday.i cant imagine that there are that many people from west point on their mission right now in the mexico mtc.  there was also a girl who apparently lived like an hour away from girdwood and knew of alaska pete, but she didnt know drew or jennifer. im glad kyle is establishing good credit i guess? i cant really say i was worried about that...im the one thats most likely to end up with bad credit. 

we dont have our travel plans yet, so ill just call both cell phones and the home phones until someone picks up. also there is some debate on whether we are allowed to call or not. if i have a good layover i definitely will, but if theres no time or we arent allowed to dont be super worried if i dont call. i hate to be a debbie downer but i really dont have too much to say. so basically im no help at all on planning whether to hear from me or not. 

my favorite mexican girls this week. they taught me the mexican version of the efy dance
and various ways to describe the attractiveness of a man (pretty boy, masculine, etc)

The shine of being on a mission is starting to wear off, so i think about home a little bit more, but nothing too close to homesickness. its usually just when mexico is on the struggle bus. 
in the morning there are no spoons for the cereal. 
in the afternoon-evening there are never any knives for the meat. 
they use slotted spoons for the salad dressing.
there is always fruit in the salad, and usually a mystery fruit.
they really like to mix peaches and hot dogs. maybe sam would like it. 

there also is usually a lack of water, and alot of confusion about where we are supposed to be.  im pretty sure im going to eat guinea pig when i get down to ecuador but im pretty excited to try it. 

my two girls from the domincan republic. 
they taught me the domincan version of swag (tigaraje) we say it alot now
THIS ONES FOR SYDNEY (reinwald)- so today i ran into some real missionaries (outside of the temple who are in the real world) and HE WENT TO MOUNTAIN VIEW! he was brown and his name was gargas or something of the sort. he graduated in 2011 and he said he knew of you and he knew that mormon girl that got married (ashley?) i told him about the wawa on 610 and pancho villa and he got way pumped. i was just really surprised when he said he was from stafford. i can{t imagine that there are too many mexican mormons at mountain view.
bye yall

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