Wednesday, August 14, 2013

One Month Mark

Today is officialy my four week mark, and it will be a month on friday!!! time is absolutely flying by, and im just trying to hold on for the ride. we've all been hitting our equivalent of senior slump here since weve only got two weeks left. we now have 4 investigators (2 of our teachers and two of the elders from the other district). Its pretty crazy trying to keep track of them and what we have already taught them /need to teach them. lets see what else.....there isn't really any exciting news.... i got a card from jeanette (holla!) and everyone loved it (its a unicorn throwing up a rainbow). the first generation left which was a little sad, but i probably wont ever see them again or remember them in 2 months. 

a few girls and elders....some of the volley ball crew from first generation, 
the guy right next to me is my spirit animal

this place had grown so much in the last month, its pretty crazy. i was talking to one of the administrators here and i think within the next 10  years there will be a temple on this campus. 

OH i forgot! they made a video of the mtc, and its on the newsroom site! AND IM IN IT. well, kind of.  my companion and i are in it, but you can only see the back of my head. we were just sitting there planning a lesson and these guys came up to us and asked to film us. i think its around the 3:15 mark in the video. theres also a bunch of pictures below the video and a few of the guys are in my district/branch. i guess they didnt like my squinty eyes enough......always a problem. but you can see my companion (sister giles) face and my hair/shoulder! maybe i should have worn make up that day. 

oh well... uhhhhhh spanish is going well, we finished the subjunctive the other day and now were just reviewing everything.... i would say that following the spirit has been my biggest roadblock so far as well. sometimes we will be in a lesson, and all i know is that its not going well. not really bad, but just not well. so i know at least thats what im NOT supposed to be teaching. now i just need to figure out what i should teach. everyone here is seriously so funny, and i love everyone in my branch. every day is hillarious with them. theres a guy here from westpoint that knew bobby, and a teacher that is Maren Mckay's sister (from burlington). theres also a girl whos roomate used to date davis blount. but i guess thats what they mean by a small world in the church. theres also one other person from nc here. i think hes from charlotte, i havent really gotten the chance to talk to him all that much. Anyways im still having a wonderful time, learning alot (usually taking 2 steps forward and one step back), and taking in as much as i can. 
At the gym with Hermanas Egget and Bokovoy (her dad is the institute teacher that Street knows)

i already know its going to be tough to leave here, its such a little bubble, but im so pumped to get down to ecuador. Ive decided i will definitely be cold down there pretty much every day in the morning, but ill see what i can do on my own before i ask for my jacket to be sent down. hmmmm.....i cant really think of anything else to talk about. i just hope im not using up all my good karma first only to have the first week in ecuador be miserable. i doubt it will be, but im still a little aprehensive that everything has been going so smoothly. my scriptures already are so marked up, i cant imagine what they are going to look like at the end of my mission. i started over reading the book of mormon and i have been taking notes and making a map of how everyone is related, where they go, what year it is and what they do. it has been helping so much with my scripture study, but the book of mormon can get a little confusing sometimes. OH another thing, so you know that lady on the mormon messages that got in the plane crash and got all burned? ( her names stephanie nielson) and you know how shes like super famous and was on oprah and stuff? well her niece lives in my house and said if i ever come out to provo she will introduce me to her since shes her personal assistant/ is over there all the time. HOW FREAKIN COOL IS THAT. now if only elder holland would come down to give us a devotional. well...i guess thats it for now. BYEEEE

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