Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Carnaval is coming

This week:
so we found rebecca through some members..she came as a live in nanny and they brought her to church every week because she was like yeah whatever. cool story though....so she went home to tell her parents she got baptized, and they werent to happy about it. the next day (sunday) she came to get confirmed and her dad and brother came with her. he was pretty mad, and he came with the purpose of finding whoever baptized his daughter (even though she hasnt lived at home since she was like 14 and they dont really get along). well they ended up coming late and were outside the door during the sacrament. she said he looked in the door and saw soo many indegneious, all super reverent and "something made him think" (i.e. the holy ghost) so he ended up calming down and said its your life i dont hate your decision but i dont totally support it and he left without any problems, so that was cool. 
not much else is really going on. we found a pretty cool family who thought we were the jehovas witnesses that had been visiting them, and later realized we werent the same people after they had already given us a bunch of food. but they said they are open to anything and we could keep visiting them. the dad is somewhat of an alchoholic and has another family in quito, but the mom and kids are super nice. the mom couldnt come to church on sunday because she had to go to quito to vote, but the two little girls (nicole and carol) are super cool and accepted a baptism invitation. basically all of our more or less progressing investigators (jesus, martha & joel, nicole & carol, and edwin) are just kind of stuck in the middle. progressing enough that we dont want to leave them but not progressing enough to get baptized. hopefully we can kick it into high gear these next few weeks and have some baptisms in march.
playing with the foam from "carnaval" with joel in the street
However there is a slight road block (and this is where the whole letter comes together). Yesterday was elections, and we werent allowed to leave the house the whole day after sacrament meeting) AND the 1st through 4th of march is carnaval, so we arent allowed to leave the house then either. (this saturday through tuesday)...we are only allowed to leave for lunch with the mamitas and if we have a super confirmed legit appointment with an investigator... 
..i.e. we are spending money on food to eat since we cant leave and things to do (coloring books, crafts. etc)
...i.e.  we have to try really hard to stay in daily contact with all the investigators so they dont think we hate them...so we will see how that goes. 
i cant say i hate 4 days of vacation but after just a few hours yesterday i got pretty bored and missed missionary work.....these 4 days should be interesting. 

Editor's note: Carnaval is celebrated in several countries in Latin America, most famously in Brasil, and goes on for several days before Lent begins.  Similar to Mardi Gras, it may involve parades, costumes, shaving cream, and lots of water balloons or even buckets of water being dumped on passers by.

i also got my ears pierced today because my holes have long since closed up and they think you are in a cult if you dont have your ears pierced ....it was a pretty sketchy spot in the meat market, but they lady was nice and gave me a bottle of rubbing alchohol to help clean them so they dont get infected...it also costed 4 dollars which is nice. 

jill sent me home made pajama pants (i dont know if you gave her the idea or what) and they are absolutely amazing so if you could thank her a billion times i would be thankful.

thats about it today...

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