Monday, February 3, 2014

The lost sheep in lock down

sucks to be peyton right now. i was very surprised to hear that the seahawks were even in the super bowl. any good commericals this year?
and how was the snow? its still a toasty 75 degrees here and i will be in for a shock next january stepping off the plane. only 10 and half months left! 

after the waterfalls last week my bug bites decided to swell up and be huge and i couldnt walk for a few hours because my ankles were so swollen, but the swelling went down that night and im back to normal. then on thursday i got a little bit of  a cold and been sneezing like crazy, but that also has gotten better. 

the lost sheep

so we played a game where you tie a balloon on your ankle
 and have to pop the other peoples....the ward really liked it.
on friday we had an giant family home evening at the church. the idea was there are 4 sheep (the missionaries) and you have to look for them (looking for less actives). numbers 1, 2 and 4 are easy to find but the 3 is difficult (the black sheep) and i got chosen to be number 3. in the church there is this super crazy security room with like a pad lock and its  kinda like a vault. well we decided i should hide in there. so i was in there and i had the light on and a bunch of the 10 year olds saw the light on and realized i was in there and tried to figure out the pass code and in the process put the place on lock down. there were sirens going off and the padlock shut off and no one could open im siting in this vault room, playing with a soccer ball and everyone else is freaking out and the bishops wife was crying because they thought i was locked in forever and i was going to die. 10 minutes later the lock reset and they got me out but it was still a pretty funny experience. thats pretty much the highlight of my week.

this is the bishop using the 19 in 1 tool
you gave me for christmas, he was
 very impressed i was so prepared
for a white sister missionary.

other than that weve just been teaching people like normal and trying not to get mauled by the rabid dogs. we have a baptism the 14th which is exciting too....

as far as the food goes, we got fed a soup called yawarlokro twice this week. its a normal soup, but with sheep and cow innards (heart, lung, spleen, etc.) and fried blood. its not too bad, but its better not to think about what you are eating when you eat it.

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