Monday, February 10, 2014

The tall white girl in anaco

 rebeca our investagor with a date! (also in anaco)
this week:
not too much happened. weve been teaching rebeca regularly (our investigator who has a date for this friday) and she passed her interview yesterday so that was fun. its pretty funny because we have two rebecca perguachis that we are teaching, and i was joking around one day and said what if they are both named rebecca maria perugachi campo. ( everyone in otavalo has the last name of campo, lema, perugachi, saransig or burga...and all latinos have at least one maria or rosa in their name) well it turns our they are both named maria rebeca perugachi and they live side by side....when we told our district leader that we had two new investagators and they had the same name he didnt believe us at first but he finally realized it was real life. we were also teaching two deaf people (seperately) but one moved away and we havent been able to find the other one who is named jesus but thats a pretty typical ecuadorian situation.

i put on my anaco on sunday and it is literally the most comfortable thing in the world. you wouldnt think that a sheet held up by a strip of fabric would be comfortable but i really like it. and thus i am buying more. it also really helps us get people to talk to us. apparently old indegenous people think its interesting to see a Young White girl in anaco.

changes were yesterday and hermana Aquino
 this is Elder recalde. hes from paraguy and has been in my district
 my whole misión (we got transferred together). buttt hes going home
 this week so we had a very oficial Exchange of a tie and some pictures.
 apparently elders give everyone their ties when they are done to remember
 them....i dont know what im going to do with the tie but oh well
and i are staying together here in otavalo, but they Split the zone and so now no one knows who is their zone and or district leader. we got shirts made as a zone so that was a fun trip to the lake.

every year the misión does this thing where feburary is super strict and its supposed to give you alot of baptisms in march. "febrero de fe, milagros de marzo" and so now we cant have any activities on p day or listen to music that isnt found in general conference. kind of a bummer but theres only a few weeks left and hopefully well baptize a few more in march.

thats about it for this week.... 
hopefully this baptism goes through!

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